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2018-19 School Year Classes Enrollment Now Open.

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2018-2019 AirTime Preschool

September 4, 2018 - May 24, 2019

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Monthly Tuition
3 & 4 years: $115
PreK: $140
Additional Fees
Supply Fee: $25 due at registration
$25 due in January 2019
Registration Fee:

Classes are subject to being closed if there are less than 6 students enrolled.

Welcome! Our preschool program is designed to introduce academics to your child in a safe and loving environment. We understand the preschool child is curious, imaginative, and adventurous. Our lesson plans are designed to encourage, but direct that energy with fulfilling and instructional activities. Your child will be taught in a small group setting ideal for learning and growth. Physical exercise will also be emphasized with 30 minutes of GymTime two times a week.

3 to 4 year old class must be 3 years old by September 1, 2017.
Pre-K class must be 4 years old by September 1, 2017.

All students must be toliet trained and not be in pull-ups before school starts.

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PreSchool Classroom

Academic Focus:
Here at AirTime PreSchool, we continuously strive to develop, refine, and implement an educational program that provides a strong foundation for your child to reach his or her highest potential. We offer an ideal balance of learning and play in a safe, nurturing environment. Our curriculum is based on the following elements:

Language and Literacy
Daily activities develop reading and writing skills and introduce important literary concepts. Our large library of books encourages a love of reading.

Math and Critical Thinking Skills
Children are introduced to the rich world of numbers, including sorting, grouping, and counting. More advanced math skills such as time, measurement, money knowledge, adding and subtracting are included as fundamentals are mastered.

Creativity and Imagination
Children use their creativity and imagination through dramatic play, music and art. These activities help to develop independence and confidence.

Physical Development (30 minutes)
Gym Time is a great time for children to develop their large motor skills. The 1st day of preschool each week, gym time consists of learning the basics of group games and individual skills such as jumping, throwing, kicking, and an understanding of sportsmanship. On the second day, children learn basic gymnastics skills with an emphasis on strength, coordination, flexibility and self-confidence.

Additional areas of study include Science, Geography, History, Culture and Health.

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PreSchool Avtivity Center

School/Gym Attire:

Girls- Clothes that are comfortable and are easy to move in. Dresses are not preferred but if a dress is worn, please make sure your daughter is wearing shorts underneath. Clothes with buttons, snaps and zippers are hard on the equipment and tends to limit the child’s movement, so it is not preferred. If your child comes to school in clothes with these features, she will still participate in gym time.

Boys- Clothes that are comfortable and are easy to move in. Clothes with buttons, snaps and zippers are hard on the equipment and tends to limit the child’s movement, so it is not preferred. If your child comes to school in clothes with these features, he will still participate in gym time.

Mrs. Korth PreSchool Teacher
Mrs. Korth
Director/PreK Lead Teacher

Sheia Korth earned her BS in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University. She taught in 1st and 2nd grade for 4 years in Provo and in Alabama. Prior to her degree, she worked as a Special Education para-professional for 4 years. She has been teaching preschool since 2014. Mrs. Korth's approach to teaching young children is very hands-on. While having clear and developmentally appropriate objectives, she encourages learning through play, exploration, and guided instruction. Her lessons integrate emergent literacy skills with other areas of academic and social development.

Because Mrs. Korth believes the home is the primary learning environment for children, developing a partnership with parents is a priority. Mrs. Korth is married to Byran Korth, a professor of Religious Education at BYU. They have three children: Kayden, Karissa and Kyler. She loves being a mom, gardening, reading, teaching and spending time in the out of doors with her family.

Mrs. Korth PreSchool Teacher
3/4 Lead Teacher

Mrs. Foster has taught in the early childhood field, and has gained valuable experience from teaching at the Community Partnership for Child Development in Colorado Springs and school districts in Colorado and Utah (including Nebo School District for the last 10 years). Mrs. Foster has attended BYU where she earned her BS degree, her special education teaching certificate from Utah State University and Master*s degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Mrs. Foster wants each child in her class to know and feel that they are in a friendly, caring, safe place where he or she can develop meaningful relationships. It is also important for each child to explore, learn from peers and adults and develop a lifelong love for learning. Mrs. Foster values the opportunity to work with each preschooler and their family to prepare for success in school and life! Time spent with family (which includes 11 grandchildren) is treasured by Mrs. Foster. She also loves spending time near the ocean which includes exploring tide pools, scuba diving and visiting aquariums.

Ms. Megan Summers
Megan Summers (Miss Megan)
Assistant Teacher

Megan Summers has been a huge asset for AirTime Preschool. She has a passion for teaching children and helping them to discover new concepts. For some classes she also serves at their Gym Time coach.

Miss Megan:
  • is from Tualatin, Oregon
  • graduated from BYU in April 2015
  • is a writer
  • is a gymnastics coach at AirTime
  • has worked in child care for over 10 years
  • has been AirTime Preschool's Assistant Teacher since September 2015
  • loves to read, walk dogs, and eat desserts
"Working at AirTime Preschool is an adventure. It is fun and fulfilling to work with the children and watch them learn and grow. I love to see their enthusiasm when we do an activity they enjoy."
Miss Megan

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